What makes Comb & Crown wigs different?

We started Comb & Crown Studios to fulfill the demand for 100% human hair wigs with highlights. Some of you want to try color but aren't comfortable resorting to a solid blond or solid brown wig. Our hand-crafted, semi-custom wigs provide a mixture of blondes, browns, and deep blacks that make color wearable on any skin tone. Instead of purchasing a wig and paying a stylist to hopefully create the color you want, eliminate the uncertainty and the associated costs.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Please read all wig specifications and review all pictures before purchasing, as all sales are final. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, please contact us within 14 days of delivery, and we will work to resolve the issue with your order. 

When will I receive my wig?

Products ship with USPS Priority Mail and are delivered within 2-3 weeks of the order date. A tracking number will be provided, and you will be notified via email regarding any shipping changes

Will my wig be styled?

Yes! Your wig is washed, conditioned, and styled before it's shipped!

Are the knots on the frontal bleached?

Yes! We only bleach our knots once, and we use coconut oil to protect the hair throughout the bleaching process. As a result, you may notice a few unbleached knots or roots that were lightened during the process, but don't' worry - this is normal. Concealer along your part or a little hair dye on your roots are quick and easy fixes. Check out our blog for more tips!

How do I care for my new highlighted wig?

Your wig is made with 100% virgin, human hair that has been processed using our gentle bleaching system. In general, hair that has been bleached or color-treated requires more care and attention, so be mindful when handling your wig and lace. After color treatment, you may notice shedding; this is normal, but using the steps below will help keep your wig full and soft.


Detangle your wig before shampooing - Using a wide-tooth comb, begin at the ends and gently comb up to the roots.

To shampoo, use a color-safe and/or reparative shampoo and massage downward to keep the hair's cuticles smooth.

Condition after shampooing, and either allow your wig to air dry (recommended) or use a blow dryer on low heat and a heat protectant.

Use the styling products of your choice, but we recommend a light oil, such as Argan oil, and a leave-in conditioner to preserve your wig's texture and shine. When styling with heat, use a heat protectant serum or spray, and do not exceed 450 degrees to protect your hair’s integrity. 

Check out our blog, Combing Your Crown 101, for more tips and to learn about our favorite styling products. 

So... can I get a free wig?

Maybe! Follow us on Instagram @cclacewigs and send us a message about becoming an Instagram or YouTube ambassador.



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