Beginner Friendly Glueless Wig Application

There are many ways to securely apply your wig with or without the use of adhesives. These are some of the most popular glue-less methods:

You can utilize 1 or all of the below methods to keep your wig in place.

1. Wig Grip

2. Elastic Band

3. Combs

4. Gel/Freeze Spray

Wig Grip

A wig grip is made from a non-slip strip of fabric that is worn like a headband underneath a wig. The band securely grips your head and your lace wig, preventing any movement. These bands can be used on your bare scalp or natural hair, and they come in a variety of tones, materials, and adjustable sizes.

Our Favorite Wig Grip

Elastic Band

This method allows you to secure your wig by stitching a pre-measured elastic band from ear to ear. When applied properly, the elastic band will rest near the nape of your neck and pull your hairline into place. This is a favorite method because it is secure and can be easily applied or removed.


A few small combs can be sewn inside your wig to lock it into your own hair. Combs are less favorable to some due to their occasional hair pulling and slightly bulky esthetic.

Gels/Freeze Spray

This method begins with you coating your natural hairline with one or more layers of a hold gel and/or freeze spray. When the material is tacky to the touch, the lace hairline of your wig is pressed into it using the tail of a fine-toothed comb. Then a blow dryer is used on a COOL, LOW setting to dry the gel/spray on the hairline. To set the wig, use a satin wrap strip to tie your edges down. This allows the lace to “melt” into your skin giving you a natural hairline. When applied properly, this method can last about 1-3 days depending on your activity and can be easily removed with water.

Our favorite Gels/Freeze Sprays (pictured above):

- Got2b Blasting Freeze Spray

- Got2b Styling Gel

- Got2b Volumaniac Hairspray

To get more information on this method, check out one of the detailed videos below.

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